Country Club Hills Illinois Wildlife Removal

Wild animals can stray in communities and enter homes or commercial establishments looking for food and safety. Small or large these animals can become aggressive when they feel threatened especially in the presence of humans. If neglected, they can damage properties and cause sanitary and health issues. Wildlife removal services are the best solution for these stressful and possibly dangerous situations.

Despite being a city, Country Club Hills maintains a nice small town atmosphere.  One of the commonly occurring problems is stray wild animals, such as rodents, raccoons, skunks, bats, and birds looking for food and shelter in residential and commercial areas.

While these animals may not be relatively large in size they can be destructive, aggressive, and may carry disease. If you happen to spot wild animals in your place, it is best to avoid handling them on your own. Call the nearest Wildlife Removal Company in your area.


Skunk Removal in Country Club Hills IL

Skunks are most feared by their foul odor release mechanism, but in truth, they are generally non-aggressive. They can be a nuisance and can cause damage as they forage for food.

Skunks are among the primary carriers of rabies. If you see skunks showing abnormal behaviors, such as unprovoked aggression, circling, staggering, limb paralysis, and unusual meekness call a wildlife control professional right away.

We offer humane short-term and long-term skunk removal solution. This includes setting up live traps and inspecting the property. Inspection helps determine and remove attracting factors which can help to prevent other skunks from invading your property in the future.

Raccoon Removal in Country Club Hills IL

Raccoons may look cute and harmless, but they can be extremely troublesome. These animals feed on both animals and plants. As they forage for food they can kill fish and birds kept as pets, tip over garbage cans, damage garden plants, and dig furrows in your yard. Raccoons can also build a den in attics, chimneys, and under balconies.

Raccoons with babies are prone to becoming aggressive. Setting traps on your own with failed results can only make them more alert and evasive.

It’s best to let a wildlife control professional handle the situation. Our raccoon removal services include:

  • Setting Up Non-lethal Traps
  • Inspection and Exclusion
  • Suggest Habitat Modification


Squirrel Removal in Country Club Hills IL

Squirrels can either be flying, ground or tree squirrels. They mostly feed on nuts, seeds, flowers, and herbaceous plants. Regardless of their type squirrels can be destructive. They can destroy garden plants and dig furrows to hide or find their stash of nuts. They also build a nest in attics where they can chew on beams and electrical wirings.

Squirrels are non-aggressive animals but it’s best to let professionals remove them from your property especially if you lack knowledge about their behavior.

Our squirrel removal services include:

  • Full Property Inspection
  • Installation of Humane Exclusion Traps
  • Suggest Habitat Modification

Hiring wildlife control professionals is the best way to handle stray wild animals effectively and safely.


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