Chicago Illinois Wildlife Removal

Wildlife can enter residential or commercial buildings to look for food and shelter. These animals can pose various threats which make it is necessary to have them removed as soon as possible. Certified wildlife removers are the best people for the task. They are experts in the animals’ behavior and can safely and humanely remove them from your property.

Chicago is a bustling city, but it’s a place where wildlife invasion still can happen. Contact us if you need professional help in removing wildlife from your property.


Raccoon Removal Services in Chicago IL

Raccoons are highly adaptive to city life. In their natural habitat, raccoons feed on fruits, nuts, vegetables, and small aquatic invertebrates. In suburban areas, they raid trash cans, eat pet foods, and loot gardens. Raccoons have nimble hands and are capable of opening door knobs and latches. They can get into kitchens or live in attics where they can chew on wirings and wooden beams.

Raccoons can get aggressive especially mothers with their young. They are protected animals and only authorized people can trap and relocate them. Our raccoon removal services not only include trapping and relocating the animals. We also install exclusion devices and detergents to keep other raccoons from entering your property.

Mole Removal Services in Chicago IL

Moles are often mistaken for rodents but they are actually mammals. These animals dig intricate underground tunnels to look for food, such as insects and worms, and to find a secure place to breed and sleep in.

Moles avoid interaction with humans but can destroy landscaped gardens and plants with their extensive tunneling habit. Getting rid of them yourself can be difficult as moles spend most of their time underground. They can also get aggressive when handled by humans. For mole problems, we have experts who can effectively remove the animal from your property by baiting and trapping.


Geese Removal Services in Chicago IL

Geese often get into yards, fields or properties surrounded by trees, plants, and with a pool or pond. Geese don’t intrude houses, but they can be a nuisance. They litter lawns and pools with droppings and feathers. They can destroy garden plants. They can also get aggressive when protecting their family.

If you spot one in your yard, expect a number of geese nearby. Getting rid of geese can be a tedious task because they have homing instincts, which means they’ll be coming back to the same place again and again. We can help you get rid of these birds for good through our geese removal techniques. We will set up netting traps, install deterrents and modify your place to make it a less suitable habitat for geese.


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