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Raccoon Removal in Burnham, IL

We were called out for a raccoon removal in Burnham,  IL.  The customer had been hearing noises in their attic for the last couple of days.

We came out to do an inspection and this is what we found:

As you can see raccoons very destructive as this guy created his own entry into a roof vent.  All downhill from here.  We will set a trap over the vent.  Mr. Raccoon will come out this evening and be caught.  The customer will be back to peace and quiet.

We will replace the roof vent when trapping is complete.  We also offer roof vent covers made out of heavy duty wire mesh so that this will never happen again.  We are a full service company.  We offer trapping, repair and prevention.  Call today for all your nuisance wildlife needs.

Westchester Wildlife Removal

Some wildlife, such as racoons and squirrels, have become a common sight in urban and suburban areas. While these animals deserve food and shelter, having them around residential and commercial buildings can lead to problems.

If you have groundhogs, raccoons, squirrels, or any other wildlife on your property, it’s best to contact certified experts in removing or controlling these animals to prevent injuring yourself or hurting them.

Illiana Wildlife Services offers various wildlife services in several areas. Contact us today.


Groundhog, also popularly as a woodchuck, is a kind of rodent commonly found in the central and eastern parts of United States, and also in Alaska and Canada.

Groundhogs are diurnal which means they are active during the day. These animals are considered herbivores, but they also eat insects occasionally. Groundhogs are voracious eaters. Their daily diet amounts to one-third of their weight.

With their long and sharp claws, groundhogs dig complex underground tunnels for shelter, for hoarding food, and for a safe place where they can hibernate during winter. They prefer to build their burrows in well-draining soil in an area near trees, fence rows or hedgerows.

Groundhogs as Pests

Groundhogs are one of the common wildlife invaders in residential and commercial properties. Being voracious eater, a groundhog can cause significant damage to backyard and vegetable gardens. They can wipe out your plants in minutes.

Their digging ability can also be a source of problems. The intricate underground tunnels they build for shelter and food storage can result in hollowed parts which can ruin landscaped gardens. The burrows can also affect the root system which in turn can cause the plants to wither.

Illiana Groundhog Removal Services

There are several ways to prevent or control groundhogs from getting into your property. You can sprinkle ground black pepper or talcum powder around your garden or spray your plants with a mixture of pureed pepper and garlic.

For drastic measures, you can install deterrents, such as tall special fences, to keep groundhogs out of your property.

However, the most effective way of getting rid of these destructive animals is to hire a groundhog removal company. Our groundhog removal solutions are safe, humane, and guaranteed effective.


Villa Park Wildlife Removal

Have your property or home been invaded by wildlife? As much as you want to live in harmony with these animals, they can be destructive and a threat to your health and safety which is why they need to be removed.

If you are looking for an effective and safe way to get rid of wildlife on your property, contact Illiana Wildlife Services today. Our removal services include short-term and long-term solutions to various wildlife problems.


Moles can be found anywhere in the world except in Antarctica and South America. They refer to live in grasslands, woodlands, and sand dunes and they tend to avoid areas with acidic soil and mountainous places.

Being solitary animals, they spend most of their lives on their own. Moles spend most of their day digging intricate underground tunnels which they use for travelling, shelter and for searching food. The entrance of these tunnels is usually narrower than the tunnels under the ground.

Moles are carnivores. Their diet consists of insects particularly earthworms. They eat earthworms more than half of their body weight per day. Moles are blind is a total myth. They can see but very poorly. They only see light and signs of movement. Moles use sensors at the tip of their nose to search for food.

During mating season, male moles build a chamber in one of the tunnels where the female can give birth. At five or six weeks, pups will leave the tunnel and build their own.

Moles as Yard Invaders

Contrary to what many people believe, moles do not eat garden plants or vegetables when they invade yards. The damage they cause is mainly due to their extensive digging habits. Digging tunnels can create holes in landscaped yards and destroy the plants’ root system causing them to not receive enough nourishment.

Illiana Mole Removal Services

There are several ways to get rid of moles of your property. However, the most effective way is to trap them. Allowing a mole removal expert to do the job will save you time and energy as they are more knowledgeable about the animal’s behavior. Illiana Wildlife Services has experts trained at removing moles effectively by trapping.

If moles have become a problem for you, contact us right away.


Melrose Park Wildlife Removal

Have you had enough of littered garbage, haphazard of animal waste in your yard, broken pots and half-eaten vegetables from your garden or torn shingles? Wildlife in your property can cause several problems which can worsen over time.

If you have raccoons, squirrels, or migrant birds invading your property, it’s best to hire a removal specialist to deal with them right away. Illiana Wildlife Services offers various wildlife solutions for commercial and residential properties.

Canada Geese

Canada goose is one of the most common birds in Canada and in many US states. Usually, Canada geese spend their summer in the northern part of North America then travel to the southern part as the weather gets colder. During migration, they form a huge ‘V’ as they travel up to 1,500 miles in 24 hours.

These birds tend to stay in places near a pond where berries or grains are available. However, a number of Canada geese have found permanent homes in suburban areas, golf courses, parks, and even airports.

Canada Geese as Suburban Invaders

Geese inhabiting in residential and commercial areas can cause several problems. These birds can leave piles of smelly droppings all over your lawn or garden or in pathways along the neighborhood. Geese droppings are not only messy. It can also carry diseases which may pass on to other animals or humans if it contaminates water sources.

Apart from causing haphazard, these birds can also destruct gardens by eating plants or flowers or by trampling on them.

Lastly, Canada geese can become aggressive especially mother geese with their offspring. Although they can’t cause serious injuries, their pecks will hurt.

Canada Geese Removal Services

Eating these birds unattended on your property can only cause worse problems. However, getting rid of them may not be as simple since lethal methods are prohibited by the law.

You can modify your surroundings to make it less attractive to geese, but the best way to get rid of them effectively without harming them is to hire experts to do it. Geese removal experts from Illiana Wildlife Removal are equipped with the right tools and knowledge in getting rid of geese from your property for good while ensuring their safety.


Maywood Illinois Wildlife Removal

Wildlife such as bats, birds, squirrels, and raccoons often wander in urban and suburban areas to find food and shelter and to escape from predators. You may not want to harm these animals but leaving them unattended in your property can cause several problems. Moreover, dealing with the problem on your own can possibly lead to a bigger problem when you get bitten or injured.

Looking for a way on how to deal with wildlife safely? Contact a wildlife removal company nearest you. Illiana Wildlife Services provides various wildlife removal services.

Bat Removal Services in Maywood IL

Bats are the only mammals that can truly fly. They are nocturnal animals of more than 1,000 species. Bats come in different sizes depending on the species. The largest bats, flying foxes, have a wingspan of about five to six feet while the smallest bats, long-tongue fruit bats, have a wingspan of about ten inches.

Bats thrive anywhere in the world except in places with extremely cold temperatures. They either live with their colony or alone. They can be found living in trees, caves, and mines. Contrary to what many people believe, bats are not blind. They also have that special ability to hunt and move in darkness called echolocation.

About 70 percent of bats eat insects. A single bat can eat up to 1,200 mosquitoes or tiny bugs in just an hour which makes them beneficial for wildlife control.

Raccoon Removal Services in Maywood IL

Raccoons are found almost everywhere even in urban areas. These animals are highly adaptive and can eat almost everything. They normally live in forests, grasslands and in places near lakes and streams where they can easily find food, such as fruits, herbaceous plants, eggs, tiny insects, frogs, mice, and crayfish.

Raccoons can easily adapt in cities. These clever and cunning animals will search food in garbage cans, gardens, and inside homes. They can build their dens in attics or sheds.

Raccoons can be destructive and a threat to safety. Removing them from your property can be difficult since they can become aggressive especially when protecting their young. You have to be extra careful because raccoons can carry rabies.

Squirrel Removal Services in Maywood IL

Squirrels are rodents that can be found everywhere except for Australia. They usually live in places surrounded by trees and plants where they can easily search for food and shelter.

They come in 200 different species which are categorized into three: ground, tree, and flying squirrels. Their size, color, and habits may vary according to their species. Ground squirrels dig burrows to stash food and build shelter. Tree squirrels are great climbers and can easily travel from tree to tree through branches. Flying squirrels do not actually fly but can glide long distances with their webbed limbs.

Squirrels can be destructive and a threat to safety. They can destroy garden plants, landscaped yards, and structures with their burrowing and gnawing habits.

Illiana Wildlife Services

If you have bats, raccoons, and squirrels in your property that needs to be removed,  contact Illiana Wildlife Services. We have certified experts who can safely remove these wild animals through effective methods and non-lethal trapping and deterring devices.


La Grange Illinois Wildlife Removal

Wildlife wandering in urban and suburban areas is hardly a surprise anymore, nevertheless, they need to be dealt with before they can cause problems. Removing wildlife from your property can be a challenging task especially without assistance from an expert.

Illiana Wildlife Services has been providing a range of wildlife removal services in many areas. Our services not only include removal of wildlife but long-term solutions to help prevent wildlife invasion in the future.

One of the common wildlife invaders are bats. Find out what problems they can cause, why and how you should get rid of them.


Contrary to the popular idiom “blind as a bat”, bats can actually see. In fact, unlike most animals they can navigate in dark places, such as caves and mines, using their special ability called echolocation. They release sharp noises and use the echo to locate obstructions and openings.

There are more than a thousand species of bats all over the world except in Antarctica and the Arctic. These nocturnal flying mammals feed on fruits, nectar, and insects. About 70 percent of bat species consume insects. A single bat could eat up to 1,200 flying insects in an hour which makes them useful for insect control.

Bats as Menaces

Bats can be seen almost anywhere, particularly in places where there is an abundant source of food, even in urban and suburban areas. Often, bats seek shelter and form colonies in attics. While their presence can be beneficial they can cause several problems.

Accumulated bat dung, called bat guano, can attract or provide a nice environment for harmful organisms to thrive in. The spores can travel by air and get inhaled which can cause health problems. Bat urine leaves a strong stench that can spread to other parts of your home making it an unpleasant place to stay in. Lastly, bat wastes can leave stains on walls and weaken floorboards.

A single bat accidentally getting into your home can be easily rid of, but a colony of bats can be challenging. Bats are protected animals and hurting them is not an option.

Bat Removal Services

Removing a colony of bats is not easy even for experts. It needs careful study and planning which our bat removal officers are skilled at. Our bat removal services include full inspection of your property to locate the bat holes, installing one-way devices, sealing holes and openings, and cleanup.

If you have bats living in your attic, it’s best to deal with the problem right away. You can contact Illiana Wildlife Services for safe and reliable wildlife solutions.


Hinsdale Illinois Wildlife Removal

Have you been hearing strange crawling noises in your chimney or in your attic? Have you wake up to littered trash outside your home or your garden plants destroyed many times? You may have a raccoon on the loose around your property or in your home. If wildlife intrusion in your property has become a problem for you, contact Illiana Wildlife Services.


Raccoons are usually found in wooded areas with nearby bodies of water, such as lakes and streams. These furry animals eat berries, fruits, vegetables, crops, eggs, insects, frogs, mice, and aquatic invertebrates. Their incredibly flexible paws make it easy for raccoons to grab, pull, and hold things which are useful when looking for food. These nocturnal animals are also great swimmers and climbers.

Raccoons build their dens in tree holes, hollow logs or abandoned dens of other animals. They are solitary animals except for mother raccoons who take care of their young.

Raccoons as Menaces

Raccoons can easily adapt to a new environment given their clever and quick nature. They can easily thrive in cities. They rummage garbage cans, gardens, and bird cages for food. They can build their dens in attics or decks.

Not only are raccoons a nuisance, but they can be destructive as well. They can tear off roof tiles or shingles or create holes on walls as they try to gain entry into the attic. They can also chew on wooden structures and electrical wirings once inside.

As adorable as they look, avoid purposely feeding raccoons because they will only keep coming back.

Moreover, raccoons can carry rabies which is why you should carefully observe an intruder raccoon in your yard before handling it. Here are signs you should watch out for that tell you should stay away from a raccoon:

  • Limping or difficulty walking
  • Disoriented
  • Unresponsive or aggressive even when unprovoked
  • Foaming at the mouth

If you notice these signs, contact a raccoon removal company right away.

Raccoon Removal Services

Raccoons can get aggressive especially when protecting their young so pulling a family of raccoon out of your attic on your own might not be the wisest idea. To make sure no one gets hurt, it’s best to let a professional handle it. Our raccoon removal services include trapping, habitat modification, and educating our clients on how to prevent raccoon invasion in the future.


Hickory Hills Illinois Wildlife Removal

Have you had enough of squirrels destroying your plants and tipping your garbage bins over? Wildlife in urban and suburban areas can be the cause of several problems. However, removing them from your home or building should be done with caution or with the help of a certified squirrel removal personnel. Doing it on your own puts yourself and the animal at risk of being injured and can possibly also result in damage to your property.

If you are in need of wildlife solutions, Illiana Wildlife Services has been providing various wildlife removal services in many areas for years. Contact us for inquiries.


Squirrels are rodents found all over the world. There are about 200 species of squirrels which greatly vary in size. The smallest is the African pygmy squirrel that grows up to 5 inches and the largest is the Indian giant that grows up to 36 inches.

Squirrels have large two front teeth that grows continuously. Many people believe that squirrels only eat nuts, but these animals are actually omnivores. They eat nuts, seeds, fruits, tiny insects, caterpillars, eggs and young snakes. Squirrels stock up on nuts, seeds, and fruits before winter comes when supplies become scarce.

Squirrel species are mainly classified into three types: flying squirrels, tree squirrels, and ground squirrels. Flying squirrels build their dens high on trees, in tree holes or nests on crooked branches. Tree squirrels live in tree holes while ground squirrels live in burrows or underground tunnels.

Squirrels are highly territorial and will fight to the death to defend it especially mothers with their young.

Squirrels as Property Invaders

Squirrels are one of the most commonly found wildlife in urban areas. While these animals look adorable and harmless they can cause several problems. They raid garden plants, rummage garbage cans, eat homegrown vegetables, dig burrows in the yard, and cause damage to structures as they seek to gain access in attics. Once inside the attic, they can chew on wooden beams and electrical wirings which can result to short circuit.

Squirrel Removal Services

If squirrels have become a nuisance to you, it is important to remember that these animals are only looking to survive. To have them removed safely from your property, contact a certified squirrel removal company. Our squirrel removal services include safe trapping, installing deterrents, habitat modification, and repair.


Darien Illinois Wildlife Removal

As communities expand, animal habitats are getting smaller so do not be surprised if you find a raccoons or squirrels wandering about your property. While these animals deserve a space on this earth as humans do, leaving them unattended around homes and yards can cause several problems.

If you want to get rid of wildlife in your property safely and effectively your best option is to let a certified wildlife removal company to do it. Illiana Wildlife Services has been providing a range of wildlife removal services for years. Are you in desperate need of wildlife solutions? Contact us for inquiries today.

Bat Removal

Bats are the only mammals that can fly. They come in more than 1,000 species and their behavior may vary accordingly. Some hang on trees while others prefer to live in caves or mines. Bats eat nectar and ripe fruits but 70 percent of bats eat insects. A single bat can consume up to 1,200 mosquitoes in just an hour which make these mammals highly beneficial for insect control.

Bats accidentally entering living areas are nothing new and easy to deal with. However, a colony of bats living in your attic can cause several problems. Bat wastes can accumulate and attract organisms which can the cause of health problems. It can stain walls and cause damage on floorboards. It can also release a pervasive smell that can spread to other parts of your house.

Getting rid of a colony of bats can be a challenge but with sufficient knowledge and the right tools, our bat removal experts can remove these bats from your attic unharmed.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons prefer to live in forested areas, prairies and meadows with a nearby stream or lake. These mammals are omnivores. They eat frogs, mice, crayfish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, and crops. They seek shelter in hollow logs, tree holes, and crevices. Raccoons can easily adapt to city life which is why they are among the common invaders in urban and suburban areas.

Being nocturnal mammal, they are more active at night. They search for food in garbage bins and gardens, eat abandoned pet foods or even attempt to get into the kitchen. Raccoons often build their dens in attics and can damage shingles or roof tiles as they seek to gain entry.

Raccoons can get aggressive if handled by humans especially mother raccoons with her young. Moreover, getting rid of raccoons from your house can get you at risk of being bitten by a rabid one. So, it is highly recommended to seek help from a reliable raccoon removal company.

Illiana Wildlife Services offers short-term and long-term solutions for wildlife problems. Our services include trapping, exclusion, repair, and educating clients on how to prevent future invasion.


Brookfield Illinois Wildlife Removal

Have you had enough of raccoons destroying your plants or squirrels digging burrows in your landscaped yard? While these critters look harmless and adorable, they can cause real problems when they find their way into yards and homes.

Removing wildlife from your property can be a tough job. It requires knowledge in the behavior of the animals, removal methods, and use of proper tools. Illiana Wildlife Services has been providing various wildlife removal services for years. Contact us today for your wildlife problems.


Bats are the only mammals capable of flying. They can be found anywhere in the world except for the Arctic and Antarctica. There are more than a thousand species of bats. They feed on fruits and nectar which make them good pollinators. Some bats also feed on insects and they can consume up to 1,200 mosquitoes or bugs in an hour which makes them useful for insect control.

Bats normally live in trees, caves, and mines. They can easily find their way in the dark using echolocation or the use of echoes to locate obstructions and openings.

Bats can also thrive in urban and suburban areas. Species that form colonies can live in attics and their massive wastes can cause damage to structures and threat to health.


Raccoons are nocturnal mammals found in forested areas and marshes where they can easily search for food, such as fruits, succulent plants, eggs, tiny insects, frogs, and aquatic invertebrates. They build their dens in hollow trees and fallen logs. A female raccoon can give birth to up to 7 cubs and the cubs normally stay with their moms for about two months.

Raccoons can easily adapt to city life. They can eat just about anything and they build their dens in attics, sheds, and barns. Raccoons can be destructive, a nuisance, and a threat to health and safety. They can tip over garbage cans, eat garden plants, possibly carry disease, and destroy structures as they gain entry to attics.

Squirrel in Attic

Squirrels are small to medium-sized rodents with four front teeth that grow continuously. They prefer to live in forested areas where there is abundant food, such as nuts, seeds, acorns, berries, eggs, and young birds.

Squirrels have about 200 species which are categorized into three: flying, tree, and ground squirrels. Their food and denning behavior may vary according to their species.

Squirrels are one of the most common wildlife visible in urban and suburban areas. They can cause several problems when they search for food and build their dens in yards and homes.

Illiana Wildlife Removal Services

Illiana Wildlife Services provides safe and effective removal of animals such as bats, raccoons, squirrels, groundhogs, moles, beavers, and birds. Our services also include long-term solutions aimed to prevent wildlife from invading your property in the future. Contact us for further details.