Burbank Illinois Wildlife Removal

Is there a wild animal lurking in your property? The most important things thing to do is to keep the presence of mind and to avoid handling them yourself. Big or small, these animals can become aggressive when threatened or can cause damage to your property when attempting to escape. The wisest thing to do is hire a certified wildlife remover.

In suburban areas like Burbank, wild animals entering residential or commercial properties are nothing new, but we are here to help you.


Raccoon Removal Services in Burbank IL

Raccoons normally live in wooded areas with nearby bodies of water. They feed on fruits, vegetables, nuts, and small aquatic invertebrates. Raccoons are known to easily adjust to city life. They scavenge garbage cans. Eat abandoned pet foods, raid garden plants, and when they get comfortable with your presence, they can get into the kitchen too.

Raccoons are quick and elusive animals. They can get aggressive too when they feel threatened especially mother raccoons with kits. Raccoons are protected animals and only licensed professionals are allowed to trap, remove, and relocate them.

Bird Removal Services in Burbank IL

Birds are beneficial to the environment but they can become a pest when they roost in residential and commercial areas. Droppings, noise, scattered feathers, damage to garden plants, and contamination are some of the common problems birds cause. They can also build their nests in vents which may partially or totally block ventilation.

Birds are protected by the law. Safely controlling or removing birds from your property can be a difficult task especially with their flying ability. Your best option is to hire professional bird control officers. Our bird removal services include setting up netting traps for roosting birds, sealing gaps and openings where they can nest, and modify their food sources.


Groundhog Removal Services in Burbank IL

Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, live in meadows, pastures, and wooded areas. They are voracious herbivores and they dig burrows to hibernate. Groundhogs can wander in suburban areas to look for food sources. They avoid humans and will not enter homes but they can eat and destroy garden plants, vegetables, and crops.  They can be carriers of rabies and host parasites, such as ticks, lice, and mites.

It’s best to avoid handling groundhogs on your own because they could be diseased. We have groundhog removal specialists that can set up traps and effectively and safely remove them from your property.


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