Blue Island Illinois Wildlife Removal

Shortage of food and fleeing from predators are the top reasons why wild animals stray in urban and suburban areas. Wild animals lurking in homes and yards can freak out anyone, but avoid resorting to drastic measures when getting rid of them. It’s best to let people knowledgeable in their behavior handle these animals.

Located in Cook County, Blue Island is a pleasant suburban area. As with most other places, wild animal sightings in residential and commercial areas are a common problem. Rodents, moles, birds, and bats are the usual invaders.

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Geese Removal in Blue Island IL

Geese normally flock to places with bodies of water, such as ponds and lakes. They come in large groups and can cause haphazard due to their wastes. Geese can also become aggressive towards humans when they feel threatened.

Geese have a homing instinct and getting rid of them can be quite tricky because they will come back to the same place again and again. If you want to shoo them away save yourself from all the trouble and hire a wildlife control professional to deal with geese invasion. We offer geese removal services including:

  • Inspection and Removal of Food Sources
  • Removal By Trapping or Netting
  • Relocation

It also pays to have another animal, such as a dog, placed in the invaded area to scare the geese and keep them from coming back.

Groundhog Removal in Blue Island IL

Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, are a type of rodent that only feed on plants. These animals aren’t a threat to safety, but they are destructive. They can destroy and eat plants. They are known for digging complex, interconnected tunnels into the ground and even under outbuildings which can make the foundation unstable.

With their burrowing ability, getting rid of groundhogs can be difficult. If you see one lurking in your property, it is best to hire a professional wildlife remover to do the job for you.

Our groundhog removal services include installation of non-lethal traps, removal of the animal, and providing suggestions to prevent groundhog invasion in the future.


Mole Removal in Blue Island IL

Moles are semi-aquatic animals that mainly feed on insects, grubs, and worms. They can get in gardens and yards in search for food. Moles can create significant damage to plants, gardens, and lawns with their burrowing habits.

Moles can be aggressive when handled by humans and setting up traps with failed results can only make them more cunning. Moreover, moles spend most of their time underground making it very difficult to catch especially if you are clueless about the animal’s behavior. Your best option is to let wildlife control professionals remove them from your property.

Our mole removal services include an inspection to determine active tunnels and setting up non-lethal traps.


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