Bethany Wildlife Removal

Illiana Wildlife Services is arguably the best Bethany wildlife removal and wildlife pest exclusion company serving the Greater Indianapolis metropolitan area. Animals in the attic can be a real pain in the neck, at times. Our specialists use absolutely humane methods for Bethany wildlife removal since we own a license from DNR.

The animals we can take care of include but are not limited to squirrels, raccoons, bats, and birds. Attic animals are not usually a health risk, but if they are infected with a disease like rabies, they can be a serious health risk. If you accidentally get bitten by a bat or raccoon that is infected, you should wash that part of your body and contact a doctor for medical assistance immediately.

Bethany Wildlife Removal
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Bethany wildlife removal is also essential because lots of animals in the attic means lots of damage to your attic and the things inside it. Usually, raccoons and squirrels target insulation, electrical wiring, ceiling, and old photos put in wooden trunks. At times, if these animals are in a colony, you can see them gradually damaging your ceiling and that will eventually fall down onto the ground floor.

You can invite us on just one phone call. We will use the safest methods for pest control and wildlife removal Bethany has to offer. Once our specialists have removed every single animal from your attic, you can request a quote for the attic repair Bethany services you might need afterwards.

You will be over the moon to know that our company offers a fixed/flat rate for its high quality wildlife removal Bethany services. So, you don’t have to figure out the number of animals in your attic for an estimate of total cost. We let our clients know the flat rate. This will include any attic repair costs as well.

Another feature that differentiates Illiana Wildlife Services from other providers out there is that our experts are good at removing other animals such as moles and skunks. These two animals are known for digging up yards, lawns and gardens. If you have such problem in your lawn, let our experts take care of it.

Basements and attics are ideal choices for bats when it comes to hibernation. In winter, bats turn to attics to spend the cold season sleeping. During this period, they don’t fly out to feed on mosquitoes and other insects. We don’t put up traps in your house to trap hibernating bats, we wait for their hibernation period to end and then use a special one-way door to let them out of your house. We then block the small opening in your walls and roof to prevent them from coming back.

Call us for all your Bethany wildlife removal or control needs today!

Bethany Wildlife Removal
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