Berwyn Illinois Wildlife Removal

Wildlife can wander in suburban and urban areas to look for new food sources and a suitable place to live. These animals can bring various threats to residents and properties; the main reason why they must be removed. We are experts in humanely and effectively removing wildlife in residential and commercial properties.

If you’re living in the city of Berwyn where wildlife entering properties can be a problem, call us. We offer various wildlife removal services.


Bat Removal Services in Berwyn IL

Bats accidentally getting into homes can be removed without professional help. However, getting rid of a colony of bats living in the attic is an entirely different thing. Bats can enter tiny holes and live in attics undetected until they have formed a large colony.

Bats have a fast metabolism and their wastes can quickly fill your attic, which makes a friendly environment for fungi for thriving. The spores in fungi can cause infection when inhaled. Their urine also emits a strong unpleasant smell.

Removing a colony of bats is a difficult task better left in the hands of professionals. Our bat removal services include:

  • Full Inspection of Your Property
  • Installing One-way Devices in Bat Holes
  • Sealing Bat Holes
  • Cleanup and Odor Removal Services

Beaver Removal Services in Berwyn IL

Beavers are aquatic rodents. When not in their natural habitat, beavers create wetlands in low-lying areas by building dams in rivers or streams by chomping nearby trees and branches. They make lodges made of mud and sticks with underwater entrances for their families.

The flooding can reach roads and residential and commercial areas causing damage to properties. Since beavers are protected animals only registered wildlife removal professionals can trap and relocate them. In addition, it’s illegal to destroy the dams built by these animals. Our beaver removal services include setting up traps, relocating the animals and installing flow devices and levelers in the dams to reduce flooding.


Skunk Removal Services in Berwyn IL

When in residential areas, skunks scavenge on garbage cans and eat leftover pet foods and garden plants. They can also seek shelter under decks and porches. Apart from being a nuisance; skunks are hosts of parasites and carriers of diseases, such as rabies and distemper.

When threatened, skunks can spray an odorous and irritating discharge which is why you should not try handling them yourself. With the right tools and knowledge on the animal’s behavior, we can help you effectively remove skunks in your property.


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