Bellwood Illinois Wildlife Removal

Wildlife, especially squirrels, in urban and suburban areas can cause problems to humans. They can be a threat to health, safety, pets, and properties. If squirrels has become a problem to you, contact a squirrel removal company near you.

Illiana Wildlife Services has been providing various wildlife removal services in different areas including Bellwood Illinois for years. Our services include effective wildlife removal and control.


Squirrels have about 200 species which are mainly divided into three types: ground squirrels, tree squirrels, and flying squirrels. Flying squirrels do not actually fly but they glide from one location to another using the flap of skin that connects their limbs. They can travel up to 150 feet in just one glide. Depending on the species, squirrels either live high in trees, in burrows or in underground tunnels.

Squirrels are rodents with four large growing front teeth which they use for extensive gnawing. Their teeth are pretty useful for eating nuts and seeds. Squirrels also eat berries, eggs, insects and small animals.

Squirrel vary in size according to species. The smallest can grow up to 5 inches while the largest can grow up to 1 meter tall.

Dos and Don’ts When Squirrels Invade Your Property

Ground and tree squirrels are one of the most visible wildlife wandering about in urban and suburban areas. They can be seen climbing from one tree to another in parks or loitering on the streets. As adorable as these quick-moving rodents may seem, they can be a nuisance or a threat to safety to humans.

Squirrels are not aggressive animals but they build burrows or underground tunnels in yards resulting to ruined vegetation and landscape. They can also forage fruit and vegetable gardens and bird feeders. They seek shelter in attics and gnaw on wooden frameworks, insulation, and electrical wiring. Their gnawing habit not only causes damage to properties but can result in a serious threat to safety as chewed electrical wiring can result to short circuit and possibly a fire incident.

If your problem is squirrels often destroying your plants, you can sprinkle cayenne pepper, garlic pepper or pepper flakes on and around your plants to keep them away. For edible plants, you can install a netting over the plants to deter squirrels. For bird feeders, keep it taller than 6 feet and rub Crisco on the pole to keep squirrels from climbing.

If you find squirrels living in your attic, seek help from professional wildlife handlers.

Illiana Squirrel Removal Services

When it comes to wild animals entering your property, it’s best to seek help from a squirrel removal professional especially if you lack knowledge on the animal’s behavior. Our squirrel removal services include trapping, habitat modification, and installing deterrents.

If you have squirrels living in your attic or anywhere inside your home, contact us right away.


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