Bat Removal Season almost here!

Bat exclusion season is almost here! The state of Indiana will tell you that bat removal should not be done between May 15 and August 15 due to the fact that a maternal colony can have non flight pups that are left behind in the exclusion process. The exception to this is if human health is threatened. We try not to abuse this exception and usually stick to the blackout dates except in extreme cases.

For the last 3 months we have been going around giving estimates and patiently waiting, Our customers have been waiting even more patiently! I do get that bats in your home’s attic can be a traumatic thing. Some people handle it better than others. Sometimes it boils down to the reason why or how people found out they had bats in the first place.  If you became aware you had bats because you kept getting small black droppings outside one of your eaves you are probably going to handle the wait better than if you woke up to a bat circling your bedroom.  I get that.

What we can do in this blackout period is presealing. Pre sealing is sealing the areas of the home that need to be sealed that the bats aren’t currently using. This saves us time come August 15 comes around. Then we just run around hanging Bat Cones(exclusion devices). It saves time, and allows us to complete our jobs before the season gets too cold to effectively exclude bats.

Wildlife, and especially bats are not always the easiest thing to deal with. They are living animals and no two jobs are exactly alike. We appreciate the customers that understand the tight rope we walk as wildlife guys between concern for our customers, the animals, and the legislation that we must follow.


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