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Bats in your belfry, attic, chimney or other area of your home can be a frightening experience.  But here’s the good news to help calm your nerves. When a bat flies into your house, it’s more scared than you are!  That’s why panicking, screaming and swatting at the bat will only make the situation worse. Leave it to our highly trained team of wildly removal specialists to safely, effectively and humanely remove bats that are plaguing your residential or commercial property.  With years of experience and hundreds of satisfied homeowners, Illiana Wildlife Services is your best choice for the most affordable and efficient bat removal in the industry.

Why Illiana Wildlife Services is a Cut Above the Competition

We care about your home as if it were our own!  That’s why when you call us with a bat problem, we create the most effective and affordable plan to quickly remove the troublesome critters.  And once we get the bats out, we keep them out!  After we’re certain all bats have been excluded from your home, we prevent their re-entry by locating and sealing all cracks, holes, crevices and other potential access points both inside and outside your home.  Additionally, we spend time carefully examining your premises for any damage that the bats caused. While bats don’t usually chew on ceilings, their waste will accumulate over time, often resulting in it dripping through insulation and ceilings, and potentially destroying sheet rock and particle boards. We pride ourselves in offering superior workmanship to make any necessary repairs that not only eliminates the damage, but is also aesthetically pleasing.

Our Humane Approach

Bats get a bad rap. Throughout history, they’re often called “flying rats” and have been linked to vampires and the supernatural. At Illiana Wildlife Services, we know that every creature serves a greater purpose in keeping our eco-system balanced and healthy. While bats aren’t the cutest of critters, they’re actually a very helpful species that regularly feeds on mosquitos and other common pests.  In fact, large bat colonies can consume up to 500,000 pounds of insects each night.  If bats become an endangered species, the population of insects will dramatically rise due to the decimation of the bat population. To protect the species, we always endeavor to use the most humane methods when removing bats so they can be safely returned to their natural habitat. 

Let Us Bat-Proof Your Home or Business

The best way to get rid of pesky bats is to prevent them from entering your home in the first place!  We make bat-proofing your home or business an easy, hassle-free and affordable process for our customers. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you have a full-blown bat infestation. Our expert team of wildlife removal specialists will conduct an extensive inspection and analysis of your property.  Keep in mind that tiny bats can squeeze their miniscule bodies through cracks as small as ¼ of an inch!  We’ll take the time to ensure even the smallest bat entryways are properly covered and sealed, including cracks, vents, holes, and around moldings. By taking prevention measures today, you’ll gain peace of mind that potentially harmful bats are unable to penetrate your home, and your family, children and pets are safe. 

Why Ignoring Your Bat Problem is NOT a Smart Option!

Think you’re out of the woods because you’ve never seen a bat in your home or business? Think again!  In fact, many homeowners have colonies of bats hanging out in their attic for months, or even years, and don’t realize it.  You may often hear scratching and scurrying sounds in your ceiling, but chalk it up to the wind. Ignoring your bat problem for too long can lead them to proliferate and become an entire colony in mere weeks. Bats also leave feces and urine throughout attics and other areas, which can be dangerous to humans.  When they feel threatened, they can bite and scratch, which can injure you or your family members. Equally as dangerous, they often carry rabies and other diseases. But one of the biggest hazards of bats is their droppings. Although valued in some places as a fertilizer, bat guano can make people sick since it often contains harmful fungal spores, such as histoplasmosis.  That’s why early detection and removal of bats is critical to ensure the safety of your family.

Need More Convincing? Read What Our Grateful Customers Have to Say:

I was more than happy with the prompt attention given to what I deemed an urgent need to rid my house of the unwelcome raccoon in the attic. I was fully expecting that you would not be able to put up a trap for days if not weeks, yet Chris was at my home within 3 hours of my call. He was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable about the process and most of all, reassured me that your company would fulfill its goal of quickly capturing the critter.  After speaking with you, I understood what would work best for me in regards to the cleanup and repair of the damage done.  Dealing with your business was an exceptional experience and at a very reasonable fee. Thank you for everything. – Sue Klos

Very fast response and very professional. Did an excellent job for a fair price. Came in and did the job and didn’t harm the bats. Got them out but no way for them to get back in. Knew all state laws. – Paul

Iliana wildlife exceeded our expectations. We appreciated how carefully and thoroughly the job was done and how friendly and helpful everyone was. It also impressed us that everyone liked their jobs. Thanks for everything. P. S. No animal noises! – Pattie Mitchell

5 stars don’t do them justice! Such wonderful, professional, excellent service. Everything is explained thoroughly. You know you’re in very good hands and dealing with experts. We also need a complete roof install and was given a recommendation for a company that I greatly appreciate as I am in desperate need. I highly recommend, do not hesitate to call! – Janet Lynn

Thank you so much for your fast efficient work! We can sleep tonight! – Brian Hacker 

Best wildlife services around! Keep up the great work guys! – Autumn Bradney

Provided timely, efficient and a quality service. They were customer focused and took great care when inside my home and outside as well. Very professional and responsible in the delivery of their services. – Wayne C.

Great professional service! I had some unique challenges with my home that I thought would be an issue with removing raccoons, but with Bob’s experience and quick thinking the problem was taken care of with no issues at all. Very fair prices as well. I highly recommend Illiana to anyone needing pest control services! – Wesley DeHoyos

Our Commitment to Excellence

We treat our customers like members of our own family.  That’s why your satisfaction is our #1 priority!  At Illiana Wildlife Services, we pride ourselves on our honesty, high integrity and superior workmanship.  Our highly trained specialists provide the most effective, safest, and affordable animal removal and prevention services in the industry.  We also customize all plans to meet your unique needs and budget.  For your ultimate peace of mind, we stand behind our work with up to a 5 year warranty

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