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There’s a Dead Animal inside My House

Dead animal removal
Photo credit: Furryscaly via Foter.com / CC BY-SA

After working in the animal control industry for several years, I have received calls that usually start with the following line: “I think there’s a dead animal inside my house.” I have also learned that animals, specifically rodents, are great at doing two things: gnawing and dying. On this blog post we will be talking about the latter.

I always emphasize the importance of catching any type of animal infestation during its early stages. Stopping a small problem is always easier than trying to mitigate a large one. When I conduct an inspection and see an extensive amount of animal damage done inside my customers’ walls and attics, I always wonder how and why they let such problem go out of hand.

But then I realize that not all animal infestations are noticeable. That is, until the animal (or animals, if you’re a bit unlucky) start to die and rot. I am certain that nobody, not even the animal care and control professionals, can get used to the smell of a rotting carcass. It stinks. It really does. So I can totally understand the frustration that my customers experience when dealing with the unbearable smell of a dead animal inside their homes.

Why Are Animals Dying Inside My House?

A sick animal on the verge of death usually crawls inside an area that is partially or completely covered. Your attic, walls, or under-decks fall under this category. Some people may set animal traps and completely forget about it until the horrible stench reminds them again. Other times, the animal simply gets stuck inside the house and starves to death.

How Do You Remove the Animals?

Our methods of removing a dead animal are quite simple but not necessarily easy. All we do is basically follow our nose. We may have to cut some holes in our clients’ walls and we may also find a colony of animals in the process, but we make sure to remove the source of the smell. Once located, we pick up the carcass, seal it in a bag, and properly dispose of it. We can also clean the surrounding area where the dead animal was found.

Can I Prevent This From Happening Again?

Of course! If you want to prevent animals from dying inside your house, then make sure to completely cover up any hole and opening. Stop unintentionally inviting wildlife critters by securing or eliminating their food sources near your homes. This includes trash cans, leftover pet food, and etc.

If a dead animal is keeping your home from smelling fresh, you can always call us. We can definitely remove animals, either dead or alive, from your home.

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Flying Squirrels in Northwest IN

Flying squirrels in Northwest IN are not something that we deal with on a regular basis. They just don’t seem to be very common. So imagine our surprise when we got 3 calls that ended up being flying squirrels in one week!

Flying squirrels are rodents and have ever growing incisors as they love to chew. They are also nocturnal. When we get a phone call with a description of night time activity, it is going to be raccoons, bats, mice, or flyers. Usually, we can determine if it is or isn’t raccoons by a few more questions. They are large animals and their entry hole into your home is usually visible from the ground. That leaves us to determine if bats, mice or flying squirrels are the source of the noise.

Flying squirrels in Northwest IN

The only way to correctly determine at that point is with a visual inspection. Bats have a very distinctive dropping, unlike rodents. Mice and flying squirrels dropping size is very similar but flying squirrels tend to use toilets (one distinct area to use as a bathroom), as opposed to mice, which defecate everywhere.

Once the animal is identified, we can remove and prevent reentry. Flyers can be excluded from a home with the use of one way doors similar to the same way we do with bats. While we can and do trap a lot of animals a year, it always makes me feel good when we can come up with a humane solution that works for people and animals alike.

If you are getting a scratching noise in the middle of the night, give us a call. We would love to help!

Valparaiso Squirrel Removal

Squirrels possess several essential features that make them different from other animals and help them survive in their most natural environment. They have powerful back legs that help them grip tree trunks and climb down tree branches with their heads first. Their strong claws support their burrowing habits and protect them from predators and enemies. Their keen memories help them rediscover in the winter the nuts they stored in the holes they dug during summer. Aside from the mentioned attributes, what makes people interested to these animals is their cute, adorable appearance as they are often depicted on screen as charming fluffy-tailed creatures who love chestnuts.

Valparaiso Squirrel Removal
Photo credit: kennethkonica / Foter / CC BY-ND

While there are people who become fond of viewing squirrels, there are also those who hate the sight of these animals and regard them as nuisance because these animals are capable of interfering with their lives at home. They attack bird feeders to steal the food intended for your pet birds. The noises that a large group of squirrels make can be very distracting. While there are various strategies that are useful in dealing with such squirrel problems, there are instances when squirrels grow excessively in number and become difficult to manage and control. Calling for the help of Valparaiso squirrel removal experts is the wisest thing to do.

Squirrels frequently cause trouble in many urban and residential places. They destroy your lawns and gardens with their burrowing activities. They get into your houses and buildings and chew on electrical wirings, plastic water pipe insulations, and other materials which in turn lead to fire and flood. In addition, the squirrels that you have at home might be carrying tick fever, squirrel pox virus, encephalitis, powassan or rabies. Squirrel removal Valparaiso experts will help you solve these problems.

When squirrel left piles of droppings, do not get in direct contact with it and anything that is contaminated with it for squirrel droppings can be a source of Salmonella or food poisoning and leptospirosis. For such problems, it is recommended that you immediately look for professionals who are experienced and fully trained in wildlife removal and management. The experts of squirrel removal in Valparaiso are always committed to help you.

Get rid of squirrels and call us for all your wildlife trapping  needs today!

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